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Switching your tariff

It's easy to check your tariff and switch using your online account.

Step 1

Step 1

Login or register for an online account

Step 2

Go to Tariff Check and view our tariffs.

Step 3

If you select a new tariff we’ll get it switched within 24 hours.

Our energy tariffs

We have tariffs with different features to best suit your needs.


  • Available to pay as you go customers.
  • No Exit fee.

HomeEnergy Capped Nov 2018

  • Fixed prices that won't go up, but might come down.
  • If our standard variable price falls, yours will too, and won't go up again.
  • Exit fee of £20 per fuel.

HomeEnergy Secure Aug 2019

  • Fixed prices until 31st August 2019.
  • If our prices rise, yours will stay the same.
  • Exit fee of £40 per fuel.


We’re increasing our electricity prices on our Standard tariff

On 15th September, the price of electricity on our Standard tariff will be increasing for customers with credit meters. If you have a pay as you go meter, these changes won’t impact you.

We’re increasing prices to reflect the rising costs of transporting energy to your home, as well as delivering government energy policy. We are also removing the £15 annual Dual Fuel Discount from 15th September. We haven’t increased our prices since late 2013, so these aren’t decisions we’ve taken lightly. If you’re currently on a fixed term tariff with a Dual Fuel Discount, you’ll keep receiving this until your fixed term tariff ends.

We will communicate with all customers affected providing full details of the price increase. You can also login to your account to check your current tariff and to get a new Personal Projection. It’s easy to switch to one of our alternative tariffs and you won’t need to pay an exit fee.

Mark Hodges, British Gas Managing Director talks about the price increase. You can view this here.

Offers for our energy customers

Once you're an energy customer you can get special discounts on some of our other products and services. As a little thank you for joining us.

Smart meters

Smart meters record your energy use and automatically send meter readings to us, meaning an end to estimated bills.

Hive Active Heating

It's a smart thermostat that lets you control your heating and hot water from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.


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