Smarter Homes For All

We're bringing the nation smarter, connected homes. Join the millions already enjoying the benefits

Meters so smart...

They can read themselves, so you never have to submit meter readings again. Which means you’ll always have accurate bills.

Smart meters are gas and electricity meters that allow you to view your energy use in pounds and pence as you use it. Smart meters accurately record your energy use and automatically send meter readings to us.

And you can get them installed for free by one of our British Gas Smart Energy Experts.

Hive Active Heating

The UK's favourite wireless thermostat. Clever control with beautiful design.


A 90 minute installation by a British Gas engineer is included in the price. Just pick a time that works for you.


It’s easy to control your heating and hot water with your smartphone, laptop, tablet or thermostat.


Hive Active Heating can help you save energy and money - you'll only heat your home when you need to.


There's no need to change anything. Hive Active Heating works with the heating system you already have.

Hive connected products

It’s not just your heating that you can control from your phone.

All Hive's innovative products work through your Hive Hub. Our wireless products include lights and plugs; to motion sensors. These are all super simple to install yourself at home.


Make your home a smart home

Turn your appliances on and off with a quick tap or get alerts when movement is detected in your home. The Welcome Home Plan is the simple way to get you started with a smart home. All for £5.99 a month[1].

You can also purchase Hive products individually

Colour changing 9.5W lightTM

LED light bulbs allow you to set them to any colour you can imagine, fitting every mood.

Hive Active PlugTM

Switch home electrical devices on and off, wherever you are.

Hive Motion Sensor

You can choose to receive alerts to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Easy to install, just place on a surface.

Boiler IQ

A revolutionary new technology developed in partnership with Worcester Bosch exclusively for British Gas.

It lets British Gas keep an eye on your boiler and detects when it stops heating your radiators or generating hot water, so you don’t get left in the cold. See how it could benefit you.

Our customers' homes are getting smarter

Can smart tech really save you time, money and energy? We gave families the latest home tech, and asked those very questions.

See exactly how much energy you are using

Control your home from your phone

Never come back to a cold home again

[1] The Hive Welcome Home Starter Plan is an ongoing contract offered by Centrica Connected Home Limited and will continue until cancelled. There will be a cancellation fee of £120 if you cancel in your first year or £60 in your second year, and you will lose the benefits of Hive Live if you cancel. Please note that Hive Welcome Home Starter Plan is not available to existing Hive Live or Hive Active Heating subscription customers.